TOETVA- workshops

In September 2022, two international courses for transoral endoscopic thyroid surgery (TOETVA) took place again.

In Izmir (Ege University) I was invited as a tutor, showed the individual steps of the operation in a lecture and moderated an exciting panel discussion.

The course in Vienna was organized by my team and me together with colleagues from Austria and Germany.

A total of almost 50 surgeons from all over the world were trained in this innovative surgical method without a visible scar.

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Avoiding Hypoparathyroidism

As part of the Swiss Surgeon Congress 🇨🇭, I was invited to give a lecture on how to avoid parathyroid underfunction (“#hypoparathyroidism”) after thyroid surgery.
By illuminating with a laser beam, the #parathyroid glands are better recognized and can thus be preserved. Furthermore, at the end of the operation, the blood flow in the parathyroid gland can be shown with a dye.


Why is the topic so important?

Currently, hypofunction of the parathyroid glands is the most common complication after thyroidectomy. 15-25% of patients therefore need to take calcium and active vitamin D temporarily (a few days or weeks). It is very rare for experienced thyroid surgeons to develop permanent hypofunction.

Hypoparathyroidism is the most common and almost always temporary complication of thyroid surgery.


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Top expert in parathyroid surgery

Honored to be ranked as number 39 (category “parathyroidectomy“) in the expertscape list of world‘s top specialists in this field (top 0.39%)! Parathyroidectomy means “removal of the parathyroid gland” and is performed in patients with parathyroid hyperfunction (hyperparathyroidism).
Furthermore, top 2.5% in category “thyroidectomy” (surgery of the thyroid gland). (Based on scientific work of the last 10 years). 

Congress report: Granada, Spain 2019

Presenting new intraoperative adjuncts for parathyroid surgery (for parathyroid hyperfunction/primary hyperparathyroidism) at the 8th conference of the European Society of Endocrine Surgeons (ESES) in Granada, Spain.