Top expert in parathyroid surgery

Honored to be ranked as number 39 (category “parathyroidectomy“) in the expertscape list of world‘s top specialists in this field (top 0.39%)! Parathyroidectomy means “removal of the parathyroid gland” and is performed in patients with parathyroid hyperfunction (hyperparathyroidism).
Furthermore, top 2.5% in category “thyroidectomy” (surgery of the thyroid gland). (Based on scientific work of the last 10 years). 

TOETVA – transoral thyroid surgery

Visiting Police General Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand where this operation has been developed.


TOETVA (Transoral endocopic thyroidectomy vestibular approach)

Without any incision in the neck (=scarless), thyroid surgery is performed minimally invasive (=endoscopically by using a camera) through small incisions in the oral cavity. This kind of surgery is suitable for most patients with small thyroid glands and/or small nodules (<4 cm).

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